M & H Finland is the official Partner and Reseller of Aventics/Emerson Products. Aventics/Emerson products include the Marex Yacht Control Systems and Boat Pneumatics.

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Marex Control Systems

  • Suitable for controllable pitch propellers, reversing gear systems, jet and hydrostatic propulsions 
  • flexible system with hundreds of standard functions that can be activated based on the application or needs
  • Easy to install and use, based on CAN bus setup and I/O units for external devices
  • A ship control for sailing yachts, motor yachts, work boats, passenger or coastal vessels

Our scope of supply and services:

  • Advice, project engineering of systems
  • Classification of systems, commissioning
  • Worldwide service, training
  • Pneumatics

Marex Product Family

  • Exclusive chrome surfaces, contrasted with black 
  • Language-independent icons 
  • Subtle backlight illumination 
  • Dynamic, asymmetric levers 
  • Unique, timeless design

Marex ECS’ excellent design supports operation in all situations. The straightforward, timeless style of the Marex ECS goes well with any ship design. The icons on the control panel are self-explanatory and enable language-independent, intuitive operation.

Marex ECS is easy to operate, has a unique design, and has universal possibilities. The Marex ECS meets the highest production and quality standards, with endurance testing of one million lever actuations.

The Marex ECS is designed for recreational ships (pleasure boats) and utility vessels, its hardware comes from proven automotive applications, and it is compatible with a variety of machines and transmissions – with reliable CAN bus technology and a self-diagnosis system that sends any alarm to the system.

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  • Flexible, modular system architecture 
  • Simple installation thanks to pre-assembly 
  • Bridge components also suitable for outdoor installation 
  • Drawing approval and FAT on request

A host of integrated functions – a broad spectrum of application options

Marex OS III systems are available for controllable pitch propellers, jet propulsions, and reversing gear systems. They are easy to integrate and enable efficient, highly effective control. With its many designs and sophisticated features such as illuminated scales and integrated buttons, the Marex OS III offers optimized operation.

The multi-talented control system:

  • Single axis control for reversing gear systems, also available for trolling gear systems as an option
  • Up to 5 parallel powertrains
  • Up to 6 control stations
  • I/O unit including display and keys for programming
  • Programs for specific ship maneuvers can be stored
  • Protective functions for the engine: safety stop, reducing
  • Engine interface which is independent from specific manufacturers and variable for diesel engines and electric motors
  • 2 interfaces are provided for external stations such as the DP system or joystick control
  • Standard modules for I/O extension
  • More functions available through integrated PLC

Marex OS III – remote control system for reversing gear systems

Utility vessels with classification, passenger ships, coastal cargo liners, to yachts can all rely on one of our most tried and tested products. The hardware of the Marex OS III consists of only a few modular units that are extremely powerful thanks to their bus connection.

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  • Design and function custom-configurable 
  • On request, drawing approvals and FAT 
  • All components meet the requirements of ship classification authorities 
  • High availability thanks to serial CAN bus 
  • Reduced initial-startup effort thanks to pre-assembly

Flexible functions

The propulsion components can be controlled mechanically, pneumatically, or electrically. The engine speed and pitch can be set independently, or together (combined operation). Different characteristic curves for speed and propeller pitch as well as defined speed levels can be selected at the press of a button.

Marex OS II technical data

The remote ship control controls the engine speed and pitch of controllable pitch propellers relative to their load, or the jet propulsion. It also actuates PTO and PTI, shaft brake, sailing position (including monitoring by a standby pump). The components are connected by preassembled cables and communicate over a serial CAN bus which ensures an extremely reliable control procedure. Information from the safety system can be integrated in the control procedure.

The flexible Marex OS II ship remote control for controllable pitch propellers and jet propulsions

Designed for applications in diesel drive engines, this type of Marex OS III control can be found on passenger ships and utility vessels, freight carriers, as well as on motor and sailing yachts of all kinds and sizes to safely and efficiently operate controllable pitch propellers and jet propulsions.

These controls are now also used on ships with diesel-electric and similar propulsion systems.

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  • Intuitive operation 
  • Flexible interface 
  • Stand-alone joystick station 
  • Turnkey solution

Even in the tightest of spaces, the Marex OS 3D joystick system allows for intuitive ship control. It’s a simple principle: the operator moves the joystick and the ship mirrors the movement exactly. The controller automatically compensates for external influences, such as wind or current.

All the advantages are obvious

  • Direction compensation
  • Modern, ergonomic design
  • ntegrated thruster actuator
  • Manufacturer-independent engine and transmission control
  • Configuration, parameterization, delivery, and commissioning from a single source
  • Pairing

Up to six joysticks can be integrated into one system at the same time

The joystick can be used as a separate control element (stand-alone solution) or combined with a control head at a station (pairing). Further functions, such as direct thruster actuation in thruster mode, provide operating comfort and reliability.

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