Great video of Baltic Yachts B112 Liara race sailing in Palma de Mallorca a few weeks ago! Pushing her Hydraulics, PLC, and Marex to her limits! Video credits to

M & H Finland (Marine and Hydraulics), launches new 700 Bar System for Performance Boats. The new system will utilize an already established standard system (i.e. Mast Jacking System) but with the use of new material technology.

Proven testing, has now enabled M & H Finland to start promoting this new, lightweight Hydraulic System.

The idea is to use 700 Bar for Racing Systems to enhance performance with small size Hydraulics. Small diameter piping, smaller size Cylinders for Powered Movement (small sizes mean less weight to carry).

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M & H Finland will be attending the Vene Båt Show 8.2.-17.2.2019 in Helsinki!

M & H Finland will be displaying:
Hydraulic Systems
Marsili Autopilot Powerpacks & Hydraulic Steering Solutions
Marex ECS Propulsion Control Systems
and more…

We are co-exhibiting with world-known insurance company Pantaenius!
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M & H Finland has partnered with Hydraulk Nord Fluidtechnik, as an official distributor. This means M & H Finland has full access to their Mobile Hydraulics catalog and we able to offer their products at competitive prices.

Hydraulic Nord Fluidtechnik has a large offering of different Hydraulic Products aimed at the Mobile Hydraulics market. Their full catalog can be found by clicking their logo below.

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 Year 2018 is a very special year for M & H Finland. The company was established in 2003 so we are celebrating our 15th anniversary this year. The journey has been exciting and successful and we are committed to continue the same way in the future.

More news on this soon!

The G4 has Successfully completed it's final Sea Trial whilst demonstrating the capabilities of the OSB Stable flight system by M & H Finland. The video above successfully demonstrates the system's capabilities.

The OSB Stable flight system is a new self sailing, self foiling and self righting system for the new Super Fast Sailing Yachts of the future. 

Initially developed with close support by Michael Reardon and Holland Composites, the G4 has become the Yacht Man's dream boat by being both Comfortable and Fast. New inspiring Young Sailors can take the Yacht out for a wonderful day of sailing at High Speed (without getting a speeding fine) and with friends in relative safety knowing that the OSB Stable flight system is keeping them safe at all times.

 Hydraulic and electronic system developed by M & H Finland.


After releasing the performance enhancing 350 Bar System, M & H Finland have updated their Webpage with a new look in order to market itself as the world leader in Marine Hydraulic Systems. The new Webpage has more detailed information on the products and services that M & H Finland can provide to its current and new customers. We have also added a Contact Form in order to assist current, new  and prospective clients in contacting us in a more efficient manner.

We also plan to update the page more often with information regarding our company as well as news on our products and deliveries. In the near future we are planning to add new services taking use of our webpage which we will announce later.

If you have any questions or comments on our new webpage, please don't hesitate to contact us.

World renowned Hydraulic Yacht System supplier M & H Finland has launched its performance enhancing 350 Bar hydraulic system. After being the first supplier to provide 250 Bar system for Yachts, M & H Finland is once again pushing the boundaries of Marine Hydraulics by launching the World's first tried and tested 350 Bar system. The new system includes all-new reactive load control minimising energy consumption. The M & H Finland 350 bar ultra light system utilises aircraft aluminium blocks and newly developed light weight pumps from the Bosch Rexroth Group. 

The 350 Bar system is far superior to the older 250 Bar system and any other system competitors can currently supply. The superiority stems from a more responsive system which is more efficient and thus also a more environmentally friendly alternative. As the system lowers the flow rate in the system there is substantial weight savings which will allow yachts to achieve maximum performance.

This newly developed system is the lightest Hydraulic System for your Yacht today so contact us and we will gladly provide you with a quotation or answer any questions you may have.


M & H Finland is currently working on a challenging project; G4-02; the newest foiling catamaran.

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M & H Finland are a Partner of Pantaenius; the world leader in Yacht Insurance!

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