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M & H Finland has many years of experience with PLC Design and Implementation. All of our PLC Software is designed and implemented in-house giving us control and flexibility over the final product.

M & H Finland supplies the following PLC Services and Products:

  • Hardware
  • Electrical drawings
  • Programming
  • Testing and Commissioning

Our PLC System can be used for example the monitor the following Systems:

  • Fuel / water tanks
  • Electrical power
  • Blige pumps
  • Navigation lights
  • Hydraulics

When only a few monitoring points are required we implement the system directly with the Hydraulic PLC System.

Our Monitoring and PLC products are not restricted to the items above. So please Contact us for a quotation or any information that you may require.

M & H Finland’s Hydraulic System includes the design and supply of valve manifolds based on consumers and functions on board as provided by the customer.

Our area of expertise is in high pressure systems which lower the overall weight of the Hydraulic Systems. We have developed a 350 Bar Hydraulic System that is unique to our company. More Information on this system can by found by clicking here.

M & H Finland constructs and supplies Power Packs including all accessories, Hydraulic Control Systems, including PLC (Programming of the PLC so that the system is Efficient and Easy to use is included), Design of Distribution Piping for Installation. M & H Finland is able supply parts designed from special materials as Titanium or special light aluminium. M & H Finland performs its own Commissioning & Consultation of Complete Systems.

As M & H Finland is an official sales partner of the Bosch Rexroth group we are apply to supply any hydraulic parts from the Rexroth Catalogue. If you are interested in Rexroth parts please don't hesitate to contact us.

Examples of Product Supply:

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M & H Finland represents Marsili Aldo in Finland. Established in 1957, the Marsili Aldo & C. S.r.l. is a family run business, and are manufacturers of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic helm pumps and electric power packs for the following types of Hydraulic Steering Systems:

  • Manual Hydraulic Systems
  • Electro-Hydraulic Systems
  • Servo Assisted Systems with Orbitrol
  • Hydraulic Servo Assisted Systems
  • Electronic Servo Assisted Systems

Marsili supplies steering systems for all sizes of Boats and Yachts with emphasis on price, quality and reliability. If you wish for a quotation on any Marsili Products, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

M & H Finland is the official Partner and Reseller of Aventics Products. Aventics products include the Marex Yacht Control Systems. Please don't hesitate to Contact us for more information or a quotation.

Marex Yacht Control Systems

  • Suitable for controllable pitch propellers, reversing gear systems, jet and hydrostatic propulsions 
  • flexible system with hundreds of standard functions that can be activated based on the application or needs
  • Easy to install and use, based on CAN bus setup and I/O units for external devices
  • A ship control for sailing yachts, motor yachts, work boats, passenger or coastal vessels

Our scope of supply and services:

  • Advice, project engineering of systems
  • Classification of systems, commissioning
  • Worldwide service, training

Marex Product Family