M & H Finland are an offcial Sales Partner of Bosch Rexroth.

We are also a Sales Partner of  Aventics Oy (Rexroth Pneumatics) in Finland.




We provide especially the following products /systems:

  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Special hydraulic power units
  • Keel systems
  • Cylinders
  • Piping
  • Titanium components design and manufacturing
  • PLC Control and Monitoring and programming
  • Pneumatics (air) systems
  • Marex Propulsion Contro l Systems
  • Marine controls

M & H Finland is also Marsili's representative in Finland

  • Suitable for controllable pitch propellers, reversing gear systems, jet and hydrostatic propulsions 
  • A flexible system with hundreds of standard functions that can be activated based on the application or needs

  • Easy to install and use, based on CAN bus setup and I/O units for external devices
  • A ship control for sailing yachts, motor yachts, work boats, passenger or coastal vessels




Our scope of supply and services:

  • Advice, project engineering of systems
  • Classification of systems, commissioning
  • Worldwide service, training                                                  


Send us an e-mail or download a brochure bellow:

Marex ECS

Marex CPP

Marex RG


  • Lifting keel system
  • Special lifting cylinder
  • Special locking cylinder

This titanium double acting cylinder has been developed specifically for use in the VOLVO OPEN 70 racing boats canting systems.

The Cylinder is offered as a standard production item capable of pivoting bulbs with weight up to 6000 kg.

All the parts of this Cylinder are made of Titanium Grade 5 ( 6AL-4V ).
The result is a rustproof, lightweight and strong cylinder, perfectly suited for moving a racing boat canting keel with the maximum speed and force.

The Cylinder's rod is CERAMAX coated to protect its surface and achieve superior wear resistance.

Two Cylinders, working in line with each other, may be used for twin canting systems.



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